WIG CAP STYLE #3084b-MONO TOP AND #3084B-PS ( HT84B, HT384B, HT384B-PS)


Edging at Frontline and Sides, Back of TOP NET (CT5100SV) is made with Maco Lace (our product code: CT5236). Or, we can use CT5237 all arond the TOP area instead of CT5236.

In case we make WIGCAP #3084B-MONO TOP, we do edging at front with Nylon Tape(CT5240) at Frontline and Tape Lace (our product code: CT5237) at Left Side-Back to Right Side of the MONO TOP.

The above wigcap #3084B-MONO TOP is made with edging of MONO TOP with Macao Lace (our product code: CT5236) at Sides and Back of MONO TOP and
NylonTape (CT5240) at Frontline..

Meanwhile, these days,we make wigcaps with MONO TOP using CT5237
at Left Side - Back - Rigth Side of MONO TOP and Nylon Tape (CT5240) at Frontline.

These days, we use CT5237 (Tape Lace all around (Flower) Mesh (Net) Top including Frontline as the bove photo shows.

The below photo show our old way of edging made with Macao Lace (CT5236) all around the Flower Net Top.


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